A GigRev powered artist community app allows you to window your music in your own platform in a way that can maximize data capture and generate direct revenue.

Releasing your music for a windowed period of time prior to mainstream release is a powerful way to give your fans a great experience and feel all fuzzy inside. Album or songs can be included in your app as either free-to-play or paid for. Either case allows you to collect the listeners’ contact data which can be used to direct market to these superfans later.

Releasing an album or single in this environment shows fans your commitment to them and fans will feel a connection directly with the artist. With an artist specific app fans will have a way to give support to their artist directly whilst knowing that this is reaching the artist directly – instead of a streaming network. There’s a big difference in the thought process of a fan when it comes to supporting their artist directly as opposed to via big streaming companies.

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Windowing Music


Reasons to Window Your Music

  • Stream Your New Album

    Window your new album directly to fans setting your own rules and prices.

  • Window your Album Release

    Windowing is the future of music releases – Direct to fan is the obvious route to go to maximise revenues and data from true fans.

  • Live Recordings

    Release live recordings exclusively to your fans.

  • Back Catalogue

    Include all of your previous releases and rarities as part of as your digital fan club subscription and make your fans feel really special.