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Who owns your fans?

By 13th December 2015August 5th, 2017No Comments

There was once a time that fan clubs meant a lot for artists, and their fans equally. But through the passage of time and the changing environment of artist and record company control these effective methods of communication have been lost in history by so many artists.
Remember the days when Take That had over 100,000 fan club members each receiving a magazine 4 times a year and exclusive photos and cd’s, as well as a healthy subscription fee? It makes me wonder how many artist simply lost their fan base because they never kept track of their fans over the digital boom and how many artist lost their audience because they didn’t re-kindle their relationship with their fans though their website.

Look what’s happened now. Facebook, Instagram and other social network own your fans and artists have to hand over all of their rights in order to access them. In many cases artist even have to pay to “Boost” their posts to their own fans.

So how do artist take back control of their fans and provide them with a fan experience that they deserve? They provide a private social fan platform.

GigRev has worked with artists and management of artists to build not only an iPhone and Android app but website plugin’s that put you back in the driving seat and most probably save you the money you currently spend on your campaigns of Facebook and Twitter. And who can actually say that these campaigns actually drive real, worthwhile fans in any case? Remember, “Likes” or “Followers” or even “YouTube” views are not fans. The measurement of true fans comes from ticket sales, fan club members and website visitors.

So, get in touch today to find out how we can help you deliver your fan base back to you and start building a community you once again own.