White-label social media

Social media reinvented for artists

No more advertising costs

Less than one per cent of your audience on the bigger social media platforms see your posts. To reach them all, you have to pay. GigRev is proudly ad-free, so you can reach 100 per cent of your audience every time.

100% visibility

Paying to access your core fanbase is a thing of the past. With your own white label social platform, you can reach your entire audience without paying.

Choose how you interact

Live streaming, audio recordings, video clips, chatroom and fan wall: with full access directly to your fans, you’re back in the driving seat.

GigRev provides you with all the tools to create your own white label social media platform. Our fan app gives you all of the best features from many of the biggest mainstream social networks.

A GigRev app doesn’t demand that you use it exclusively. Instead, it works in harmony with your current social networks and allows you and your fans to share just enough content to convert your Likes and Followers into real Fans.

GigRev-powered apps let you reach 100 per cent of your audience every time, so there’s no need to pay any more advertising fees for your posts or tweets to be seen.

Get started

Whether you're new to artist apps or are thinking of switching platforms, we can get you set up in no time at all.