Social Networks Make It Impossible For Reach Your Fans

Social media reach has been getting smaller and smaller as the bug social networks grow. Now less than 1 per cent of your fans read what you post.
We’ve reinvented social media to be none ad based and therefore refreshingly interactive. Fans are left feeling they have a home again.

No More Social Media Advertising Costs

Boosting posts and paying to access your core fan base is a thing of the past with your own app. Your white label social media marketing app gives you back 100% reach without paying.

Your Posts Get Seen

Ever wondered how many of your Likes and Followers actually see your posts? With your own app, you can see the difference immediately.

Push Notify Your Fans

You have access to your fans via mobile notifications. No more 1 per cent reach. With a GigRev powered app, you’ll get 100 per cent reach.

Choose How You Interact

You’re back in the driving seat when you have access directly to fans.

GigRev provides you with all of the social tools to create your white label social media platform. Our tools and fan app give you all of the best features from many of the biggest mainstream social networks.
A GigRev app doesn’t demand that you use it exclusively, it works in harmony with your current social networks and allows you and your fans to share just enough content to convert your Likes and Followers into real fans. GigRev powered apps let you reach 100 per cent of your fans every time, so there’s no more boosting posts or advertising tweets.