Born out of love and a desire of heavier music, The Pearl Harts burst onto the scene with a stunningly filmed live track and accompanying video, ‘Black Blood’ which immediately picked up fans from XFM, Clash, Artrocker and BBC Introducing.

With less than a handful of releases under their belt, this DIY band have already made a name for themselves with their wild attitude, avant-garde spirit and incredible live shows. Described as “the love-child of PJ Harvey and Nine Inch Nails”, The Pearl Harts’ raw energy and intense delivery has won them fans across the UK and Europe. With support slots for iconic artists such as Stereophonics, Garbage and Skunk Anansie and a new album out any day now, The Pearl Harts are one of the hottest new acts for 2018.

“These girls have a serious ear for dynamic riffs and gigantic tunes…. Their track ‘Black Blood’ adds some call-and response blues to a metallic Rage Against The Machine style funk riff…”

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The Objective

Officially one of the hardest working breakthrough acts, The Pearl Harts are proud to be part of a new wave of DIY artists. Never ones to follow the crowd, The Pearl Harts realised early on that they don’t need to follow the traditional algorithm when it comes to growing a fanbase and releasing new music. For a self-funded band, relying solely on traditional social networks to build their fanbase was considered risky in terms of future advertising costs to reach their fans and the lack of transparency surrounding data. The Pearl Harts also wanted an autonomous platform to release their new album, which would keep them in total control and generate considerably more revenue than existing streaming platforms such as Spotify.
The Pearl Harts calculated that if they released their new album on Spotify, they would have to achieve over 5000 streams to generate the same revenue as one subscriber to their app.

App Statistics

  • Within the first week of the app being available to download, The Pearl Harts had over 700 subscribers in the app. By the end of the first month, this had climbed to just over 1300. The band expects this to double over the next 3 months.
  • The Pearl Harts have set a price of £4.99 per month to access premium material including exclusive content, live broadcasts, bkstg footage, live tracks and their new album.
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“This is giving us the tools to generate additional monthly revenue easily. We'd have no chance of doing this on streaming networks”

Sara Leigh Shaw, The Pearl Harts

The Outcome

With the additional revenue generated from app subscriptions, The Pearl Harts have had the funds to produce vinyl copies of their new album which will be available for sale via their merch store within the app. The Pearl Harts have also been able to approach a publicist for additional promotion ahead of their album release. As a self-funded emerging band, enlisting the services of a publicist and producing profitable merchandise will provide much-needed exposure and additional revenue which can be re-invested into other areas.

By using their GigRev app as a platform for releasing new music rather than traditional streaming platforms, The Pearl Harts are confident that they will generate considerably more revenue in sales and crucially remain in complete control of their music.

``“The Pearl Harts – London warrior princesses glowering beneath spirit-level fringes – their seismic brand of heavy blues channels Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and trailblazing use of loops and samples…. Early interviews have evoked…. The unguarded lip of Courtney love``

TeamRock Magazine

“As a proud DIY band, we have worked so hard to carve our way into the music industry that we’re not about to give it all away now to a label. When we came across GigRev everything fell into place for us, it gives us all the best bits of a traditional’ label’ without having to forgo control. Via our own platform we can connect with our fans and release our music the way we want to”. (Sara Leigh Shaw, The Pearl Harts)