Terms of service


GigRev will provide the Client and/or Client Representative (collectively known as “You”) with the specified Package item: “Essential”, “Pro”, or “Enterprise” Package (“Platform”), along with any additional products, such as “Admin Seats” and/or “Territories” for a minimum period of 12 months.

Payment for the Product(s) will automatically be made via the Billing Details supplied at checkout and charged on a monthly or yearly basis as specified within the product details.

The Platform allows You to connect with fans through your own social media Platform. Fans can use the Platform without cost or upgrade their free account to a paid account to access content set as Premium Contact. The Platform allows fans and You to build a community as well as generate income from fans via Premium Content.


The Client and / or Client Representative is solely responsible for announcing and promoting their Platform.

The Client app shall be the Client’s only dedicated App / Platform and will be accredited as your ‘Official App’.

The Client and / or Client Representative is solely responsible for publishing content on their Platform.

The Client is responsible for setting a subscription fee(s) for Premium Content and GigRev will collect payment from paying fan users on an auto-recurring basis, either monthly and/or yearly at a price set by the Client.


The subscription fee will be inclusive of local taxes and payment processing charges and/or Apple or Google Play App Store charges.


GigRev charges a fee for its services (“GigRev Fee(s)”) in addition to the monthly and/or yearly technical maintenance fee for the specified Package. This fee is equivalent to: GigRev retaining 100% of the subscription fee on the first month of a new subscription, and then 20% based on a monthly subscription fee of £/€/$ 3.99+ per month (£/€/$ 39.99+ per year); or 30% based on a subscription fee between £/€/$ 2.99 and £/€/$ 3.98 per month (£/€/$ 29.99 and £/€/$ 39.98 per year); or 41% based on a subscription fee between £/€/$ 1.99 and £/€/$ 2.98 per month (£/€/$ 19.99 and £/€/$ 29.98 per year). Any payment processing fees and/or transaction charges, such as (but not limited to) credit card fees or Paypal fees, ‘charge-backs’ or other necessary commissions which GigRev is required to pay in relation to payment processing and where applicable Apple’s commission for ‘in-app’ purchases, will also then be deducted from your payment. The remainder of the subscription fees are to be paid to the Client and on a quarterly basis.