The business of artist to fan apps just went mainstream after the Taylor Swift app with interactive social media features was announced.

For a while now it’s been clear that direct to fan apps for artists is the right direction to go. With so many other third-party services cashing in on the fan data they collect and later charge artists, management and record labels to access, something had to change.
No other industry I’m aware of allows their customer data to be in the hands of others, but in the entertainment industry we have a situation where Youtube own your channel’s subscribers, Facebook own your likes, Twitter own your followers and Spotify know every move your fans make. The Taylor Swift app helps solve this problem and develop her fan base directly.

What data are you left with?

With a website you can collect email addresses and with ticket agents you may get the ticket buyers data if you’re lucky. Merchandise sales are probably the most significant measure of who your real fans are, but most merchandise is sold at gigs, so capturing even these fans is difficult. Data should be at the centre of every business – that goes without saying. But the tools to help are sparse and unsophisticated.

The Taylor Swift app will let Taylor collect the data of every fan, and critically will allow her team to separate her true fans for Likes.
It is great having 70 million plus followers on Facebook but how many of those Likes are fans, and how many of them are still fans after Liking her any time since her Facebook page went live? Facebook doesn’t have any incentive to prune the like-base. They’d instead like you to pay to reach all of the Like regardless of their true status. That’s the problem when the platform you are building your fan base on has built software to take advantage of advertising revenue.

What happens when your Youtube subscribers unsubscribe or your FB likes, unlike?

Again, with the only communication with subscribers controlled by Youtube or FB you simply lose these people. People that are still potential fans, people who you can still try to pull back. But you can’t – Youtube and FB doesn’t let you. They are gone forever – you never owned the relationship in the first place.

Fan Apps ARE the future!

Not every artist is in a position to create what Taylor has created and that’s where we at GigRev come in. We can create you an app that lets you and your artist live stream, sell tickets, generate fan club revenue and even stream your own music whilst knowing exactly who your fans are. Artist apps have been tried before but not at this level of sophistication and not where the artist can get involved and communicate directly with their fans.

Contact us now to find out how you can do the same at what Taylor has done with glu. She’s a smart cookie (as we say in the UK)

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