Our subscription podcast platform is the perfect place to host your podcasts and earn subscription revenue.

With a GigRev powered OTT platform you can build your podcast followers in an environment that represents your brand. Our platform lets you concentrate on your Podcast and leaves the tech and revenue to us. Podcasting is the perfect content to drive real subscriber revenue and build an audience that is yours.

A successful podcasting monetization strategy is all about intention, consistency, and a serious amount of effort. But we can help with that.

Before we review the ways to make money from your podcast, let’s look at what you can do to get your listeners hooked on your show.

  1. Choose your final Podcast destination

    It’s important to remember that fans will follow you to the place you choose as your main podcast “Home”. Choose your Home and also send people to the same place. There’s no benefit in thinking every platform is your primary platform. Get a presence everywhere possible but choose your home.

  2. Get listed on all of the major podcast platforms.

    Get your podcast on to every platform you can think of including Spotify and Google Podcasts. Make it easy for people to subscribe and find your listing.

  3. Understand who your Podcast is for.

    Create a niche audience. Remember that its not always the quantity of followers and the quality. 100 viewer/listeners is where you begin to take off.

  4. Share on social media

    Be sure to make every effort to share your podcast destination on social media.

  5. Create your Podcast Home

    Your own GigRev powered mobile and desktop app is branded for you. Even your Podcast URL is a custom link just for you. Get your podcast home URL now. It looks like this https://mypodcast.fan.direct (you choose the mypodcast bit)

  6. Start charging fans for access.

    Give your fans something special by giving them early access to podcasts but only in your app – you can later release it on other platforms. We call this windowing your podcast. By doing this you give a reason to pay and can start to build your community of listeners.

  7. Go Live

    Chat with your fans live using live broadcasting features available in your app. Do a Q&A, give behind the scenes tours or info. Fans really want to know the people behind the podcast.

  8. Sell physical products and merch

    With a GigRev powered platform, you have so many features that can benefit you if you’re organised. Merch is a fantastic way to generate income. Our apps let you link directly to your merch shop so you can sell directly from your app.

  9. Get a podcast sponsored

    Sponsorships earn your revenue from mentions of their product. As you might have guessed, getting approached by a sponsor usually means you’ve already got a massive podcast. If you aren’t big enough yet you can research relevant sponsors and reach out to them explaining why they should pay you to promote their product.