Can you really stream your own music and sell it? With GigRev you can. Streaming music through mainstream streaming services is not the only way to get your music out there and for most artists is not generating the revenue it should.

It’s only a few years ago they didn’t exist so ask yourself why you have to release through them! It’s not as easy to answer as it first appears.
As part of your GigRev app, you are able to not only stream your music to your fan base but sell your music directly.

Streaming music in your branded GigRev app has several advantages including the incredible advantage of being able to window your album release instead of going directly to Spotify, Apple Music and the many more mass streaming networks available.
There are already many small and big name artists that have released their music physically before allowing streaming services to include it in their “9.99 for every” service. Now you can digitally release your music and drive your fans into your own fully branded app to listen.

Imagine being able to release your album digitally in your own app and charge your fans to download and stream it at a price you choose. You can even window your music release
With your own GigRev app, you can.

Direct Stream Your Audio

Stream your new music or podcast directly to fans and decide if you want to include this in your AAA Premium subscription or free. You choose.

Window Your Album Release

Why make your album available to everyone and his dog from day one? Your music can be made available exclusively before release to DSP’s to the fans that matter.

Live Recordings

Release live recordings exclusively to your fans. With your own app, your fans get material not available anywhere else building loyalty that lasts.

Back Catalogue

Include all of your previous releases and rarities as part of your app and make your fans feel really special. You can stream from DSP’s or as MP3’s