Maximise the impact of your releases with your own platform

Stream Your Own Music

Stream your own music with your own artist app. You can add streaming links to your DSPs as well as upload tracks directly for instant distribution and with the option of a track by track free or premium status. Only paid members can play premium content.

This gives you the incredible advantage of being able to window your releases, offering it exclusively to your loyal fanbase first before releasing it to the world.

Direct audio uploads also allow you to share demos, live recordings, podcasts and more, all in a private environment. That unfinished b-side might not belong on Spotify, but your biggest fans still want to hear it.

Your new streaming platform

Upload audio directly or add the standard streaming links, or both! It’s your app, your choice.

AAA Access

Easily decide on a track-by-track basis which recordings are free for everyone and which are reserved for AAA subscribers.


Make the most of your music by offering first access to your fan club, before releasing your album on the standard streaming platforms.

Live Recordings

Making a live album is easy with direct audio uploads. Just add the tracks, then decide whether they’re free for all members, or only available to premium subscribers.


Your artist app is the perfect private environment for unreleased material. Whether you want to release your old demos, or need some feedback on your latest single, your fans want to hear more than what’s available on the standard streaming platforms.


Create your own podcast or start a regular radio show with direct audio uploads.

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