We have all relied on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and even Spotify for so long it’s become natural to think of these platforms as the “go to” place when you want to announce to the world your latest song, album or tour. The problem is the goal posts on these social networks is constantly changing.

So why do the big social media platforms want to only show your posts to some of your fans?

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all make their millions from advertising revenue. This being the case, why would they let all of your fans see all of your posts if they can charge you for it? The answer is, they don’t.

Of course, it wasn’t always the case. Do you remember when you first setup your Facebook page? Facebook was just building its business and wanted as many people to join their network as possible. Coincidentally your posts reached most of your fans. But now they have your fan base they can change the rules, which is exactly what they have been doing slowly but surely over the years. Now your post is likely to reach less than 10% of your fans and in a lot of cases even 2%. Things began to change in 2012.

“Page managers learned that only a fraction of their Facebook fans – 16% on average – were seeing their Page posts in their News Feeds. And that fraction has only gotten smaller and smaller. For Pages with more than 500,000 Likes, organic reach could be as low as 2%.” – Hubspot

And it’s getting worse. Recent reports are suggesting that your posts are reaching as low as 2% of your fans unless or course, you pay up. That means that if you have 100,000 fans, only 2000 will see it. Last year Facebook also made more changes to its algorithm that priorities friends posts over Pages. Your organic reach is essentially dependent on users clicking the “Share” button. Post Likes don’t cut it.

Paying for Facebook Ads

If you can’t reach your fans organically, you’ll have to pay by boosting your posts, but there’s another problem. How do you know the people that Like or Follow you are true fans? When was the last time you UnLiked a page yourself on any social media platform? Your Likes can get out of date quickly, and there’s no way to separate your Likes from the real fans – the fans that go to your gigs or buy the t shirt.

How do you make the best use of your posts?

The organic reach of a post depends on a number of factors. The type of post is critical to this. An outbound link to another site will always see a very poor reach compared to a photo post or video post. So when you can, always upload the photo or video to Facebook rather than link to YouTube of a pic of your website. Videos get over 180% higher engagement rate and are shared more than 1000% more than videos linked to from other sites such as YouTube. Facebook really want your data!

What about Twitter?

Twitter posts are about timing. Your Tweet can be history in minutes and buried under hundreds of tweets in seconds. Always try to add a photo or video as these posts get noticed more and have a much higher chance of getting shared and Liked. Be sure to Tweet at the right times of day and don’t be afraid to repeat your best performing Tweets.

Focus on the digital channels you own and control

If you have your own social media platform you have complete control of your fan data and communicating with your super fans. That’s what happens with a white labelled GigRev app and it includes all of the key features from the main social networks including live broadcasting, video archives, photo galleries, music and much more.

We build you an app, an app that your fans recognise as your official fan social platform. An app that you can tell the world about. An app that you can say is  not yet another social network you have to promote and have no control of.
All you have to do is;

  • Upload your music, photos, video and start posting in your app.
  • Tell your fans to download your app through your current social networks, maybe even pay to make sure every fan sees it.
  • Sell fan club subscription and sell in-app content

Generating a regular income from what you do every day is also simple. We give you all the tools to let you set content as premium. Fans then only get access to this when they subscribe monthly to your social fan platform – Just like a fan club.

If you want to sell your album, no problem. You can include it as part of the subscription or sell it for any price you want.
You can even release it exclusively on your fan platform before later windowing it on main stream music streaming services – A great PR tool. Got a DVD that’s not in print anymore? Put in in your app and include it in your subscription package or as an in-app purchase.

Of course, none of this works unless some of this content is shared outside of the walls of the app. That’s why we have integrated our tech with other social platforms in a way that allows you and your fans to share just enough to pull fans back into your platform – Remember sharing is much better than a Like but most social media platforms prefer Likes

We’ve worked really hard. And I mean really hard to make the GigRev fan platform the best choice for any artist.

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