Premium Content Drives Fan Loyalty

Every app we build is free for fans to download and use but as an artist or band, we allow you to add premium fan content of any kind just for your super fans. Your GigRev powered app allows you to add content, pre-sales tickets, songs and albums, out of print DVD’s and exclusive offers just for your biggest fans.
Not only that, but your fans choose how much they want to pay for access to content. Every fan is different – let fans pay what they feel is right.

We bring everything together into a fan community platform your fans will trust and return to time and time again to get the latest news, info and exclusive material.

Window the release of your new album by streaming it through your GigRev powered app before making all of the tracks available on Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming services. You can make this available to premium paid subscribers and supporters of your fan app but also make it free as an incentive to download your app.

Your superfans are key to your success. Give them a choice of subscriptions and they choose how much they pay to support you. In return, you can give them access to premium material including, competitions, behind the scenes info, video, broadcasts, pre-sales tickets and music.

Include all of your previous releases and rarities as part of as your premium fan content package and make your fans feel that extra bit involved.

Release live video and audio recordings and podcasts exclusively to your fans. With your own app, your super fans get material not available anywhere else. Each item can be free for all fans or reserved for premium AAA fans.