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Photos & Videos

Releasing music is more and more about the additional content around it, whether that’s press photos, official videos, lyric animations, behind-the-scenes clips, track-by-track commentaries or anything else.

Posting photos and videos to the major social platforms usually means consigning your creations to the oblivion of the newsfeed.

Our apps provide a beautiful archive of your content and enable you to realise their full value, by locking them down to premium subscribers, or premiering them on your app before anywhere else.

Earn money

Don’t pay social platforms for your content to be seen briefly by lookalikes; earn money by presenting it to the people who want to see it.

Premium content

Window your photos and videos to AAA subscribers first, or premiere the content in your app before publishing it elsewhere.


Don’t waste your prized photos and videos on the ephemerality of the newsfeed. Your app creates an archive for your fans to keep enjoying.

Wisdom of crowds

By replying to fan comments, you can extend the life of your content, and even invite feedback from the people whose opinion matters most.


Your fans know your content better than anyone. Invite them to share their favourite photos on the Fan Wall in exchange for re-posts or prizes.

Sell more stuff

With a content stream dedicated to you, your music and your brand, you have the perfect marketing tool to sell more tickets and merch.

Get started

Whether you're new to artist apps or are thinking of switching platforms, we can get you set up in no time at all.