Working with promoters and ticket agents can sometimes be challenging and time consuming. That’s why we don’t offer yet another ticket agent system but instead we help you manage gigs and tickets and their links with our gig listings admin panel. Choose your onsale dates and pre-sales dates and add your VIP links and you’re ready to go. Gigs are listed in your app but also you can embed your listings in your website and even Facebook page leave much less room for error. We also allow you to offer ticket pre sales to your super fans together with help from your concert promoters.

We work with you and your promoters worldwide to help secure ticket allocations for super fans and let you choose to make these tickets available to free or fully paid up fan club subscriber.

We have agreements with all of the major ticket agents all over the world.


Give access to allocations to your Premium fans and set presales dates and times.

AAA Premium Fans Get Access Early

You Choose Who Has Access To Pre-Sales Tickets. This can be all App fans or just paying fans.

Promoters Friendly

We Help Secure Tickets With The Help Of Your Promoters. We work with you and your promoters to secure ticket allocations for your super fans. Leave it with us.