Take Control

Live Streaming Platform For Musicians

Build your audience with your own live streaming platform for musicians. Our apps are custom branded for you.....

Earn Renevue

Fans are happy to pay for content and we keep it that way. Your GigRev powered app give all your fans a platform to connect with you. Premium members get even more, live access to live broadcasts and playback from those broadcasts.

It’s Your App

GigRev powers your app but we don’t get in the way of your brand. We sit behind the scenes to make sure everything runs smoothly. Running your fan app is easy with us behind you.

100% Reach

Because it’s your app, every post, comment and live video stream reaches 100% of your fans 00% of the time.

When you want to reach 100% of your fans in an environment that makes fans feel special, you should question if Instgram or Youtube  are benefitting you or their platform benefitting them. Social networks all have one thing in common, they are advertising networks. The simple issue means that its in their interest to limit your post’s reach with the option to pay to reach more.
Your fans are just that, yours. Your content is yours. With your own GigRev powered app you have full access to your fans at all times. Notifications reach your fan’s phones directly. And instead of the notification coming from Instgram they come directly from your app which is much more powerful.

Live streaming video is just part of the picture, but a very important part. Along with the rest of your band, you can live stream either from your phone camera or step things up and broadcast from multi cams in multi destinations.