Live Broadcast to fans when you want and really makes your fans feel special. That’s why we built our very own broadcasting system to allow you to “Go Live” instantly or at a future time – allowing your fans time to grab a beer or coffee before you give them an exclusive live performance from backstage or just a simple hello and chat.

When you broadcast, your video will be saved to your phone and also available in the app for you to later publish on the app’s wall for all to see. If you don’t like what you recorded, you can simply delete it and forget it ever happened – The only people who would even know would be the fans that saw it live.

Live Chat

Broadcast from your phone directly to your fans. Watch the comment come in and answer directly.

Post Broadcasts To Wall

Choose if your broadcast is replayable or a one-off. Nothing appears without your approval.

Save To Camera Roll

Your broadcast will be saved to our servers and also to your phone’s camera roll for later use.

AAA Access Only

Give all your fans access to chat to you, or just your AAA fans.