Make your fans feel special with

Live Broadcast To Fans

Live Broadcast To Fans makes fans feel more special than talking to you in real time. Our Live Video enables you to go live from the studio, backstage, or wherever else you find yourself. With full integration with RTMP video desks as well as integrations for you’re set to excite fans wherever you are. Streams can be set as premium, part of subscription package or free and available to all app users.

Once you’ve finished your broadcast, the video can be posted for your fans to re-watch or catch up later.

Going Live in 3..2..1

Instantly connect with your fans by going live, or schedule a broadcast for some time in the future.

Live Stream

Live stream your shows so all your fans can be there, wherever they are in the world.


Host your own Q&A to answer all your fans’ burning questions or promote a new release.

Catch Up

Your live broadcasts are automatically saved as videos, so you can re-post them for everyone to enjoy.

Chat Room

Use Live audio to talk to your fans even when you’re not feeling camera-ready.

AAA Pass

Catchup and commenting during broadcasts can be open to everyone or reserved just for premium subscribers.