Create a new environment for your followers with their own

Fan Wall

Your app's home feed is the main place for you to publish new posts, while the Fan Wall gives your followers the chance to publish their own. With the ability to upload photos and videos along with their text, it's the ultimate location to share memories, ask you questions or chat to each other.

Re-post your favourite uploads every week; run competitions and give-aways; organise regular Q&As or just answer questions when you feel like it: the Fan Wall can be used in countless ways, but all create a sense of community and belonging often lacking on other social platforms.

The Fan Wall is also ideal to re-home unofficial Facebook groups, over which you might have little or no control. Unify your fragmented audience in one artist-approved app and you get to join in on and oversee that conversation.

Fan Community

Create a new environment for your fans to meet and interact with one another, controlled and branded by you.

Make it official

Take back control of your brand: re-home unofficial Facebook groups and provide your fans with a band-approved official environment.


The perfect place to respond to your fans’ questions, whether you organise official Q&A sessions or provide answers on the fly.


Run competitions and give-aways via the Fan Wall, rewarding your followers for engaging with you, the app and each other.


Your fans are the most reliable content-creators you could team up with. Re-post their uploads to say thanks and keep them coming.

Like what you hear?

When you like posts on the Fan Wall, the poster will be automatically notified, reinforcing their all-important relationship with you.

Get started

Whether you're new to artist apps or are thinking of switching platforms, we can get you set up in no time at all.