Control free and AAA premium content with

Fan subscriptions

Fan clubs are essential to building a healthy and long-standing fan base. With our apps you can create the ultimate backstage pass, offering free access to everything, or limiting content and early ticket access however you wish.

Instead of making everything available to everyone, you can make videos, audio and tickets accessible only to your biggest fans, or choose to window new releases in the app before publishing them on other platforms.


You decide what to share with all your fans for free, and what to lock down for AAA members only.

Ticket Access

We integrate with all the big agents, so we can offer pre-sales for AAA subscribers, or go live to all members on release day.


Add streaming links from the major platforms, or upload audio tracks as app-exclusives, then decide whether they’re available for all or just for your premium subscribers.

Photos & Videos

Photos & videos can be made premium at the flip of a switch, so you can offer exclusive visual content to your AAA subscribers, or premiere content in the app before publishing it on other platforms.

Fan Wall

As well as premium content, certain features can be locked down to just your AAA members. You decide at any time whether posting to the Fan Wall is free for all or a premium upgrade.

Live Chat

All members can watch your live streams, but it’s up to you whether adding comments is available to everyone or just AAA members. This can be changed at the flip of a switch, allowing you to build subscriptions into wider campaign plans.

Get started

Whether you're new to artist apps or are thinking of switching platforms, we can get you set up in no time at all.