Fan clubs gather your super fans together and give them an experience they deserve. With a direct to fan platform customised for you, you can take control of your super fans again. You probably already have fans on your Facebook and Twitter pages but do you really know who these fans are? More importantly, how can you reach them without paying to advertise your post to them?

All of the major social networks work by using fancy algorithms to limit your reach unless you pay. We give you 100% reach. Hardly fair when it was you that drove the majority of your fans to their site to “Like” you in the first place is it?

At GigRev we have changed how you work with a social platform with our private social media channel for artists

No Advertising

As we provide an ad-free experience for fans there is no clutter for fans. That means 100% reach for each action you take.

It’s your platform

GigRev is not about well, GigRev. In fact, we just work behind the scenes to provide you with the very best platform to make you and your fans happy. We build you an app entirely branded with your name and image and make it available to download in the App Stores for Apple and Android and as a web app for desk top.

Notification Are The New Email

You can notify 100% of your fans with your updates and posts any time and without limitation.

Give Fans The 360 Experience

Our apps have been built with not only the technical experience but also from a music industry knowledge. We really do know what artists and fans need to build a successful fan base and most importantly retain it.