Artwork required to launch your app

Artist Logo

Serves as both the app icon on your device’s homepage and the profile image on the artist Wall. We recommend a text-based logo rather than a photo.

Dimensions: 1024px x 1024px
Format: .png or .jpg

Wall Header

Used at the top of the wall and throughout the app where a header is required.

Dimensions: 1620px x 912px
Format: .png or .jpg

Splash Screen

Shown as the app loads and under the login page.

We recommend either:

  • A logo against a solid colour background or;
  • A photo suitable for a tall, narrow crop

Dimensions: 1440px x 3118px
Format: .png or .jpg

Facebook post

Social Share Image

Used when you or your fans share your app with friends. We recommend a photo with your logo or name. Any additional text will limit the image’s reach on social networks.

Dimensions: 1200px x 627px
Format: .png or .jpg