App Icon

The app icon is used on both IOS and Android devices to represent your app on the device’s home page.
Size is 1024px x 1024px

Digital Fan Club Apps for iphone and android
app wall screen

Wall Header

The Wall Header is used at the top of the wall and throughout the app where a header is required.
This image should include your logo but avoid the bottom left corner as it could overlap with the App Icon.

Size is 1620px x 912px

Artist Logo

This is used within the app and on webpages.
Size is 1024 x 1024px

App icon
Facebook post

Social Share Image

The social share image is used when you or your fans share your app link with their friends. This image lets your app go viral. Try to keep this to an image with your logo/name only and don’t include any promotional text as this on the whole, will limit the organic reach of your post on some of the biggest social networks. Your artist name is also visable as text as part of the post content.
Optimal size is 1200 x 627px

Splash Screen

The splash screen is shown as the app loads and under the login page.

There are two options for this screen.

  1. A logo centred on the screen
  2. A full-page image


To display this correctly on every type of phone please supply;

  • A HEX (thats #ffffff for white for example) colour for the background
  • A logo sized 2048px x 2048px

Full Page Image
Image Size 1440 x 3118px
Any text on this picture should appear at the top or middle, avoiding the bottom 10% of the image as this is where the Login/Register buttons will appear before Login.

App splash screen