Live Video

Nothing creates intimacy between you and your fans quite like Live Video.
When you’re not broadcasting, the Live Video section doubles up as a chat room, giving you another way to communicate with your fans, as well as encouraging them to talk to each other.
Here are some ideas of how and when to use Live Video…

Stick to a schedule

Random live broadcasts are an important and exciting way to engage with your fans, but regular sessions keep the app active and show potential members what they’re missing. If you can stick to a particular time each week, even better!

Cover Songs

Fans love cover songs, and performing them live in the simple, unfussy environment of a live video broadcast means you can keep the content coming, without having to spend hours in the studio.

Play Demos

Let your super-fans be part of the journey by demoing new tracks live from the app. Nothing is more valuable to members than the feeling of being in-the-know, and their feedback can be equally valuable to you.


Arrange one-off Q&As with your followers or schedule a weekly session with them. Respond in real time or collect questions on social media first, letting your fans know that they’ll need to be on the app to find the answers.

Live Shows

Whether it’s backstage, on stage, during soundcheck or throughout the show, broadcasting live from gigs is a powerful way to connect to fans when they can’t be there. Film a different song every night, take a tour of each venue, or start a backstage series to keep things fresh for your followers.


Don’t forget that your fans’ ability to chat during live broadcasts can be made open to everyone, or just AAA paying members, allowing to you to monetise immediate access to your shows, the studio or wherever else you film from. To alter your app settings, contact artist services.

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