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Apple are rumoured to be dropping iTunes music download purchases

By 12th May 2016August 5th, 2017No Comments

There is a big gap opening between streaming customers – who are paying (insert currency)9.99 a month for all the music in the world – and vinyl and CD buyers. Whether or not Apple do indeed stop selling downloads there is an industry wide issue of how to make streaming pay for new recordings. Whilst streaming companies give access to millions of tracks there needs to be a way to fund new music and new artists.

What happened to the MP3 download?
There’s plenty of reasons why MP3’s are not relevant in an age of cloud computing. However, what we are talking about is the enormous hole that is now left between streaming and physical sales.

GigRev’s White Label Artist App
GigRev’s white label artist social network app can include the recorded music of an artist in a branded app and enable the artist to generate revenue via subscriptions. “It’s like a Netflix for one artist. A digital fan club controlled by the artist.”, says Founder and CEO Kevin Brown.

GigRev provides a white label artist platform for artists to use like they use Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Periscope and music streaming services. However, it doesn’t try to replace these services, it complements them, and works with them to drive fans into the app by sharing just enough content on main stream social networks. Artists are able to use their own “powered by GigRev” app to drive their fans from these networks and into a platform where they own the fan relationship and can serve their own content.

Including recorded music in an artist app as part of the subscription makes the app even more compelling to subscribe to. It also drives more revenue to labels and artists.

Recorded music is available everywhere but what if it was available exclusively for streaming an artist’s app? “I’m confident that this would be a much more successful arrangement than say, Beyonce pushing fans to Tidal.”, says CEO Kevin Brown