Preferred subscription model rather than one-off payments

Find subscription fees good value for money

Agree $4.99 is a reasonable cost to pay for subscriptions

Subscription-based platforms for fans who want sustained engagement, exclusive content while being able to talk to other like-minded fans about the artist they love. We’ve been talking about this for a while and yet we’re still the best kept secret in the music industry.

That’s why we asked the fans themselves..

  • 73% said they preferred the subscription model for premium content (as opposed to one-off payments. This includes things like live streamed events)
  • 87% said they found their subscription fees good value for money.
  • 78% said they found around £3.99 to £4.99 to be a reasonable amount to pay per month.
  • 78% also said they’d rate their app experience 5 out of 5.

Kevin Brown, founder of GigRev, recently took part in an online panel discussion hosted by AIM titled “No Fans, No Money- Engage With Your Audience and Unlock Revenue in the Process” which featured the following speakers;
Lucy Pullin – Board Director of Featured Artists Coalition / Singer Songwriter / Artist Manager, ie:music
Shingai Shoniwa – Artist + Director + Co-founder, Zimtron + The Floor –
Patrick Mills – Artist Lead, DICE
Callum Johnson – Friend of AIM Manager, Association of Independent Music (AIM) (Moderator)

89% of GigRev powered artist app users feel more connected to the artist on our subscription-based platform than on any other.
Yes, that includes the (free to use) titans of social media

The conversation focused heavily on what a genuine fan wants from their favourite artists, highlighting the hugely popular exclusive Roundhouse gig by Robbie Williams, which gave existing subscribers the chance to see him in a more intimate setting. Lucy Pullin, who was instrumental in putting this show together, added that people couldn’t just subscribe because of the gig announcement. Fans had to be already subscribed for a period of time, making sure that loyalty to the app was rewarded. A true reward for true engagement.

“..It’s not rocket science, it’s about a genuine relationship between an artist and a fan”, Lucy said

It really is that simple. So why isn’t this already widespread and standard issue in the industry?
Just a few years ago, the subscription model for artists was seen as a naff throwback to the fan club days of old. But this is the fan club for the modern fan.

And the fans are indeed seeing the benefits. The artists are seeing the benefits, too. The industry is starting to see the benefits, albeit slowly.

There has been a surge in interest for GigRev. Artists, managers and labels are looking for a long term, sustainable way to maintain these direct relationships – we’ve seen the countless bedroom “gigs” since lockdown began, but what happens when everything goes back to (sort of) normal? Is everyone going to play every single week online? No, do you know why not? Because it’ll get boring for everyone.

Subscription models allow the mutual understanding that fans are supporting the artist on an ongoing basis, not paying for a one-off piece of content.

There’s been Band Chats, Song Masterclasses, Cooking, Wine Tasting, Film Reviews and so much more happening on the GigRev artist apps over the last few weeks. The feedback has been incredible – the fans absolutely love seeing their favourite artists doing something different. There’s been live streamed performances, too, obviously but this is just a snapshot of what is happening in our direct fan to artist platforms are looking like right now!