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Our fan engagement platform generates loyalty and revenue from fans. We provide you with your new fan home with all of the tools you need to monetize your fan base as well as engage them. It’s a destination your fans will love. A place where fans engagement exceeds that of social networks through building direct-to-fan connections without ads and algos.
Go live, upload content, share thoughts, share audio. In fact, everything you do will be appreciated by your fans in a way that keeps fans engaged with your content.

Earn From In-App Tips

Earn during broadcasts with our Blockchain Wallet.

During any of your live video broadcasts fans have the option to gift you digital items
to show their appreciation and let you know how much they are enjoying your broadcast.
These virtual gifts change over time throughout our fan engagement platform.
We can even customise these just for your fans and to fit in with your brand.
The feature is available for all fans, Premium or Free.

Key Features

  • Blockchain Wallet
  • Instant in-app purchase and top up.
  • Virtual Gifts updated regularly
  • Earn From Every Gift Spent
  • Fans Earn KUDOS Points
  • Gifts Appropriate To You & Your Fans

Dedicated Fan Subscription Page To Manage Payments

Subscription for your app can be made prior to fans downloading it from the App Stores via a branded page dedicated to converting fans and optimising upgrading opportunities.
Of course, we also have In-App purchasing to maximise conversion rates and build fan engagement


Set your subscription price

Choose the amount your fans pay to support you. Fans choose to pay monthly or yearly. Don't forget only premium content is charged for, you choose wha's free and what's paid.

Start Earning

Fan can use the app for free and easily upgrade to view and listen to premium content that you choose.

Get paid

Choose the content you want to make available to all free users and the content you choose to be PREMIUM