Fan Apps Build For Artists And Fans

Create a fan space and build meaningful relationships through a fan app that is yours. Think of it as your new home page in the age of mobile.

Why have your own artist app?

Your platform

It's your brand and your app; we just power things behind the scenes

100% visibility

No more algorithms: reach every fan with every post

No advertising fees

No need to pay for ads when you have 100% organic reach

Early access

Reward your biggest fans with early access to tickets

Exclusive content

Offer exclusive audio and videos to your most loyal fans

A new income stream

Choose what content & features to earn revenue from

Feature first...


A new home screen for fans to enjoy your latest posts

Fan Wall

Invite questions from your fans and let them talk to each other


Keep everyone in-the-know with instant push notifications

Live Video

Go live from the studio, backstage or wherever else you find yourself

Live Archives

Let app subscribers re-watch your live broadcasts


Link to your preferred ticket agents or offer fan club pre-sales


Let members find their new favourite photo


Host exclusive videos your followers won’t find anywhere else


Upload tracks and demos, host streaming links or record your own podcast


Add merch links for seamless store integration

Get started

Whether you're new to artist apps or are thinking of switching platforms, we can get you set up in no time at all.