The Artist Is The Brand

We build fully branded social media apps so your fans feel connected to you, the artist. Through your own fully branded app built with our industry expertise, passion and care you can live stream to your fans, upload photos, exclusive video and music, sell merchandise, list shows and events and allow exclusive access to pre-sale tickets. All of this whilst knowing who your fans really are.
So if you want more than a view, listen or like to measure your success, we can put you back in the driving seat.

Key Features

  • Your own fully branded app: This is not the “GigRev App” – It’s YOUR app
  • Generate real fan subscribers from unique fan only content
  • Post to your own wall and share content just like the “big” social networks
  • Live Broadcast and record directly from your phone to your fans.
  • Share your own videos from your phone, or from YouTube
  • Stream your own music or link to streaming services
  • List your Gigs.  We help with pre-sales allocations for app users only
  • Interact with fans during your gig
  • Sync phones to light up, flash and more during your shows.
  • Share photos

Your fans will love the live broadcasting features.

Digital Fan Club Subscriptions

Premium content can be made available to subscribers only. Imagine having the power to charge for access to your music, video archive, live broadcasts as well as giving subscribers access to pre-sales tickets. You'll be surprised how much your fans want to support you.

Build A Fan Base You Own

Unlike main stream social networks, your fans are just that - Yours. You own the fan relationship and can message fans whenever you want and without having to pay for each engagement. We can also help monetise your fan list.

Know Your Fan Base

Likes and Followers are important, but how do you build a closer connection with the fans that go to your gigs, buy your music and wear merchandise. Powering your app with us allows you to strengthen your relationship with your core fan base.

Broadcast Live

Broadcast directly to your fans in HD directly from your phone. How better to interact with your fans than a live broadcast of what you are eating that day or the view from your bunk. Whether it be a backstage chat or concert - Your fans will love it.

Make Your Fans Mobile Come To Life

You've seen Coldplay flash fans wristbands during their concerts. You can do the same and more using the fans phone to flash multi colours during your gig. All in sync.


Upload music and make it available to stream for your fans. You can sell your albums directly or offer links to your favourite streaming service. We have covered every circumstance.

Sell Merch

The majority of artist merchandise is sold on the night of a gig. We help you increase your sales with simple to use e-commerce features that will drive more sales before, during and after a show.

Share Just Enough

We wouldn't be making a very good job if we didn't recognise that major social network like Facebook and Twitter are an important part of your social marketing - That's why when you and your fans share content such as videos on other social networks, only a portion of it will be shared. Just enough to pull fans into your app but not enough to restrict your current social media strategy.

Archive Your Broadcasts

Every live broadcast you make is available in your app for fans to see later. You decide what to make public and what to include to premium users only. And of course, if you screwed up your broadcast you can delete it and pretend it never happened.

Your app is connected to our admin dashboard which allows you to see exactly what engages your fans. From here you can also add concert dates, music, video and much more.

We give you all the tools you need to keep your fans close and your super-fans closer.


How Do I Find Out More?

If you’ve got between a couple of thousand social media followers and 100 million, GigRev is for you. Just give us a call or email us for more information. We’re here for you.


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