GigRev - Revenue for Music sites

GigRev offers music sites a simple way to generate revenue from your outbound ticket agent links throughout the UK, Europe, Canada and USA. With simple integration within your site it all happens without changing the current functionality of your site. GigRev works in the background automatically changing ticket agent links into our commissionable links. It also offers a choice of other ticket agents. This appears as a rollover popup box and gives choice to fans.


Do you want to earn commission from selling tickets though the world's biggest ticket agents?

We have developed strong partnerships with many UK, European and US ticket agents and we offer you a completely free service that gives you back some of the admin fees that ticket agents charge. If your site is generating more than 10000 unique hits a month then this is for you.

We pay you from each ticket sale you generated.

You can also choose which ticket agents you would like to support on your site and select a preference order.

The system can also change links like Buy your tickets here to tracked commission links.